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    • Name: Rob
      Age: 14
      Location: Western US
      Gender: Male
      Alias: duilio1337
      Steam ID / Game ID: duilio1337 What Server are you applying to?: Minecraft
      Why do you think you should be given Admin?: I am well vetted in the game and want to do my best at upholding the rules of the server. I have seen many cheaters in the past and I want to help keep the server clear of rule breakers.
      How long have you played the game you are applying for?: Since mid 2011
      What times are you available to play?: Daily 6-10pm PT
      Do you have any Experience as an Admin? Be Specific: Yes, I have been an admin in both Minecraft and CS 1.6 for year on Hyped-Gaming and other communities.
      Do you have any Experiences ( Coding, Map Making, Building, etc...) I have built Minecraft servers from the ground up including plugins, spawns, etc
      Any other comments you would like to add: I feel like this community is a good fit for me and I enjoy the people around here.
    • We are still accepting applications for admins. Apply here!
    • how nice of you to remember me, even though i don't remember you, so glad to be back 
    • Be sure to add your Minecraft name to your profile to get permissions on the server. Click here for help.
    • No Spamming. Respect all Members and Staff. Do not use any hacks, cheats, or clients. Do not "combat log". (Log out while being raided or while engaged in PVP) All griefing is allowed. PVP is allowed. A maximum of two players are allowed to team up.
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